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The FP460 Pallet Wrapper


The FP460 is our fully automatic rotary turntable wrapping machine. It has photocell for an automatic reading of the height of the load to be wrapped. With this machine, you have the option to choose between a manual and an automatic wrapping cycle of your products.


Also included is an external control panel (console), in ip55 execution, complete with electronic viewer esa for setting the parameters of your work cycle with fault signal an option. Please get in touch for more information regarding our FP460.


Max Pallet Size
1000 mm x 1200 mm x 2200 mm (WxLxH)

Max Weight
1000 kg

Floor Height Worktable
350 mm

Max Height film reel
500 mm

Max Diameter film reel
300 mm

Output per hour
30/40 pallets

Standard wrapping cycle
Ascent + Descent

Standard Voltage
380 v - 50 Hz - 3-phase + neutral

Key Features

  • Automatic engagement of the film in the beginning of the wrapping cycle
  • Cutting the automatic film at the end of the wrapping cycle
  • Predisposition for mounting plunger group
  • Safety guards
  • Separate programming number of revolutions lower and higher
  • Programmable logic plc allen Bradley
  • Inverter for soft starting, adjusting the speed 'of rotation (from 7 to 15 rev / min) and stopping in an indexed position of the rotary table
  • Electromagnetic clutch for regulating the voltage of the film
  • Roll carriage via a belt transmission



A robust construction but built with today’s environmental and efficiency demands. Sustainability is at the forefront of our design with energy saving and safety a priority and passion. All our Pallet Wrapper models are manufactured with the best quality components ensuring a long life span and protecting future generations.


User Friendly

Watershed’s Pallet Wrappers are easy to operate and maintain. Our engineers offer training, technical assistance and after sales care allowing our customers to maintain and operate 24/7.


Value For Money

We realise the competitiveness of the market place and our Pallet Wrappers offer immediate payback. At Watershed you pay only once, have the freedom to buy materials from whomever at the best market prices, and the most environmentally friendly solutions. Alternatively enquire about our rental options and conserve your hand earned cash flow.



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